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21st Century Preschool

A new-age preschool in Bhopal, MIGGY'S Kids pre-school is the first to introduce the use of the STREAM concepts in a pre-school. Miggy's Kids is a 21'st century pre-school where we commit ourselves to the fact that every child is unique. Hence, we train and prepare each child to reach his/her own potential and be ready to face life challenges. High quality early learning environment builds natural inclination to explore, to build, and to question. We are ardent believers of the observation that there are no greater natural scientists and engineers than young children, and their inquisitiveness can be turned into learning through play and lots of attention and love. All in all we look forward to creating a happy place for your little ones.

“A happy space where every child enters the school with a smile and walks out with giggles.”

Admissions are Open Round the Year 2020-21

Miggy's Kids Preschool

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Miggy's Kids Preschool


Miggy's Kids Preschool


Miggy's Kids Preschool


Miggy's Kids Preschool

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Miggy's Kids Preschool

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Miggy's Kids Preschool

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Miggy's Kids

Features & Benefits

  • Activity based teaching methods based on Howard Gardner`s model of multiple intelligence
  • Large open space which includes permanent sandpit, lawn and over 4000 square feet of play area.
  • Entire campus covered with CCTV surveillance to ensure complete security and safety of children.
  • A mini zoo with rabbits, Guinea pigs and birds to establish hands on experience with nature for your kids.
  • Fully air-conditioned school building to ensure comfortable and hygienic learning environment.
  • Providing premium education at affordable fees. We charge only 10 months fees.
  • Well trained teachers and staff.

  • Highly safe transport facility available, for picking and dropping up kids at their door step.
  • The school also boasts of a creatively constructed Ball pit and Splash pool for the kids to play in during leisure time.
Miggy's Kids Preschool

Miggy's Kids Preschool

The Growth Milestones for the kids

Level of Learning

Our Focus is on "Habits of Minds" for instilling Good Values and Behavior for the development of the whole child - this includes the physical, social, emotional and cognitive domains. Facilitators will be caring adults who are exuberant and well-trained in both STREAM Practices and Early Childhood Development.

  • STREAM Activities

  • Activity Based Learning

  • All round Development

  • Events & Celebrations

  • Understanding Of My World

  • Child Driven Learning

  • Project Based Learning

  • Value Education & Positive Parenting